God bless Nigeria!!!


It’s quite interesting how Nigerians (this means they are citizens of Nigeria) are the first ones to curse (say all these horrible things) about their own country and government.

I decided to write this post cos of some stuff I’ve been seeing on twitter.
80% of the tweets I’ve seen today about Nigeria are Negative. Either how our Independence is not worth celebrating, or how after 53 we are even more backward, or how Nigeria is still not free as we are bound by corruption and blah blah blah. It goes on and on.
During Delta state’s independence thanksgiving service last Sunday, the Governor (the guy is a preacher too sef, lol) he told a story of how in Singapore every cab guy is a “tour guide” telling you of how Singapore is such a beautiful place and all the amazing things. He put that in contrast with what the Nigerian cab guy shuttling some visitors the state had, said to them..the extreme opposite!

Let me at this point, point out something to yall from the good book.
Proverbs 18:21 says life and death are in the power of the tongue and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.
It’s pretty easy to understand that. In a broader sense, whatever u say, Good or bad, u get.

Now everybody wants to prosper and succeed. We all making big plans and stuff. And we all say good stuff about ourselves and plans(if u don’t, better Start saying ’em now)
But then again, the same Nigerians will say “Nigeria is just a rubbish country, u have to struggle for everything, u have to hustle hard mehn, struggle life, hard life, blah blah blah”
Sistehs and brothas let me ask you, HOW do u want to now succeed Biko? Because u will say one about how u will succeed and then say another bout how Nigeria is about the struggle life. So how? Cos the state of the country you are from/live in directly affects you.

James 3:11 says doth a mountain send forth at the same place sweet water and bitter water?
The answer is No!
Okay let’s even look at it from another angle.
In mathematics, + – = – that’s positive and negative gives negative!(I just had to show off my math skills! Lol😉)

We all want Nigeria to get better but we say only the Negative stuff and insult the government. This Government you are saying that “they don’t have sense” are the same ones making the policies that will govern your life oh! That’s why they seem to be making more “senseless” policies. You have said it and so shall it be. LOL

After all this talk sha, all I’m saying is that as Nigerians, it is our duty to make OUR country a better place. U may not be in a position to do anything, government-wise, but it starts from the little things such as what you say.
If the government does something wrong by ur judgement, please feel free to express your opinion, we are in a democracy after all, but is it quite necessary for u to say “that’s how this Nigeria will just be getting worse everyday”? And then go ahead to insult the government and people in authority? 1 Timothy 2:2 encourages us to pray for those in authority that we may live a “peaceable” life.

Let’s all just be positive with what we say about Nigeria, lets achieve our own personal dreams by helping Nigeria become the country we want it to be. Lets Bless and actually take out time to pray for our country and be thankful.
And yes! There is something to celebrate today! Our possibilities! We have been here since 1960, we are still standing today! There is hope! Lets celebrate hope!

I pray for a better Nigeria, one that would give us cause to say only good things. We are moving forward! God has blessed us!





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Who Are You?

One morning last week, I was watching the 2012 movie, Flight. Denzel Washington was the major character.
He was a man who was passionate about his work, a great pilot with excellence. But In this movie, he chose to deny his problems of alcoholism.. In his words “I choose to drink”, which is true because he did choose it, initially. But now it had now become a habit, a problem.
At the end of the movie, he found himself again, became sober, was in prison anyway but still.. His son in the very last scene asked him “Who are You?”

This question struck me! “Who Are You?”
The answer to this is not just your name, class, age, work, likes or dislikes.. It is the very essence of your being. It is what drives you to live when you wake up everyday. It is your value, your standard. It is what you as a person represents or stands for.

Well I did a little interview of my own. Here are some interesting answers I got.

1. “I am a spirit and truth representative in presenting excellent service”. I like the depth of this sha.
2. ” I’m just a guy that likes to have fun and wants to succeed”.
3. “King Emeka”. I like this one!
4. ” I am who I am” looool! This one slayed me sha!
5. “Bad man Sammie”. The person that gave me this answer was very serious oh! I had “?????” Written all over my face. Issokay though. Lol
6.”a child of God”. Sweet 🙂

Oh and guess what? Everyone I asked gave me that what-is-wrong-with-you face at first! Lol!
And most of them also said their names in answer to the question at first!
A good number couldn’t give me an answer but I bet I got them thinking!

As for me, I thought about this question at length after watching that movie. And I managed to put it all in this well-thought-out-supposed-to-be-cool-but-still-deep answer. Lol
I am greatness. I am a girl whose sole purpose is to fulfill God’s plan for her life.
That in it self gives me a base for my life. The actions I take and the life I live is based on who I am.
It acts as a compass gives me a focus.

Some people may say that the way you define yourself is absurd or impossible but knowing who u are (who you wanna be) is the beginning of becoming.

I believe that Denzel Washington in that movie was able to pull through his problem of alcoholism because beneath it all, he was a man of excellence. And he had that as his base.

“We must not be defined by what we do, but we must be what and who we are, then only happen to do what we do!”
― C. JoyBell C.


Ok that was more than kinda sorta deep sha! But i think its pretty important stuff. idk. lol
And oh please I’m not this deep/serious all the time oh! Lol.
Just thought I’d share though!

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Love at First Sight?

This post is a feature story of someone I know! I hope you guys enjoy it!

Love at first sight is a common trope in Western literature, in which a person, character, or speaker feels romantic attraction for a stranger on the first sight of them. Described by poets and critics from the Greek world on, it has become one of the most powerful tropes in Western fiction.

This is my story : On a Sunday afternoon, I insisted on seeing this princess I saw a picture of on a friends iPad. I had made a call to her asking for her location which she gave without stress.
I took my friends along with me looking good and feeling fly in a bid to impress her. We pulled over at the restaurant she was in, I called her to step out.
The moment she walked out the door, looking amazingly simple in her black leggings and blue top, a fly brother lost his wings and crashed down. I began to sweat on my palms and under my feet, even with the car air conditioner on . As she walked up to us, it seemed to me every body was in black and white and she was the only colored image I could see at that moment. She politely asked who has been the one calling. I, gathering the little left of my “cool” started stammering- her beauty took my confidence away, I was disarmed. She had a meeting going on, which she’d excused herself from, so I requested to see her on Monday which was the next day she said okay, and again no stress lol.
I was so excited my friends thought something was wrong with me. I could not wait for the next day. That night I could not sleep so I texted her, it took a little time before she replied but I stayed up staring at my phone till I got that reply which made me sleep like a baby.
The next morning I woke up, washed up and picked an outfit, then sat down to look at the clock till it was time. I drove off in excitement. As in, saw my friends on the way and drove past like I did not see them! (yes they knew something was up) lol. We hooked up at the same restaurant. In the middle of our conversation, I started staring at her, lost in her beauty!- all I was hearing was balallalalalalalalla! Lol trust me I can’t remember a thing she said.
I was heading back to UNi the day after the next, so I asked once again to see her the next day before i left, she agreed (I must have being in luck though, for her to have been indulging me so much, lol!)
I was a lil more familiar with this damsel so at least I listened to her.
After a lil while into our convo she asked “what should I getfor you to eat?” At that point, she bursted my brain! boom!!! Man! like no female had ever said that to me. C’mon, i always do the buying! I was in shock then I said “nothing, I’m fine” lol. she went to get a drink for herself. Thankfully the restaurant did not have change,so she came to ask if I had little change on me. I was happy to help! A change to restore a lil of my dignity, lol!
I went back to UNi and she was all I talked about! My friends again thought something was deff wrong with me. I did not care sha, it was all about her. I called her all the time she always called me when I was sick,bothered or worried, she cared!!!!!
She made me feel like it was the very first time I fell in love, gave me a whole new experience- she was spiritual but still fun to be with and sweet! She will always have a special place in my heart.
Things didn’t exactly exactly work out they way I’d hoped but still, it was
a case of love at first sight- a MAGICAL EXPERIENCE! For those who think its not real and never happens, THINK AGAIN!

LOL! Guys i cannot testify to have experienced this thing sha! But it’s all so sweet though! ;;)
Yes!i think i shall write on my view on Love in one of my next few blog posts! *rubs hands together in glee*

Well, Any more “love at first sight” experiences? Or stories you’d like to share? Or stuff you’d like me to write on? Send ’em here: dazeatme@yahoo.com!
God bless! Thank you! Eshe! Dalu! Lol

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“There Is Always a CHOICE!”

Hey guys, ok it’s been a while, I’m sorry I had some device/gadget issues. But that’s been resolved now!  
Praiseeee the lorrrrrrd! *gives Jesus a wiper* . Lol i don’t know who even started this “wiper” thing, smh.
Anyway, today I shall be on the issue of choices.
According to the Oxford dictionary, a choice is the act of choosing between two or more possibilities! 
I’d like to add a phrase of my own to this. A choice is the act of choosing between two or more possibilities-consciously or unconsciously.(knowingly or unknowingly)
*My father goes to work every other day!- that’s his deliberate (knowing) choice!
*my gate man isn’t rich, that’s his choice but maybe unknowingly! This is because he didn’t go to school, or develop his talent or do whatever he did with excellence! 
As seemingly cruel as this may sound, it is the truth. Several reasons  (excuses) may come into play. But think about it, in there somewhere, there was a choice!
Yesterday, I got into an argument with a friend of mine. We were chatting and somehow  i said “there is always a choice”! (Or something like that *shrug*)
He was of the opinion that sometimes the choices of other people can make you take a certain action. This is so true, like it happens everyday, although it shouldn’t be so!
Random example: all these stupid tweet fights in twitter always starts because someone said something and the other CHOSE to retaliate.
Well, In this particular case, he newly became convinced that “assholery”(forgive my language) is the best way. Allow me to explain.
Apparently my guy has not had a good history with the females, like he always ends up getting hurt.(struggle life) lol.
And After another recent hurtful experience, he decided he’d just become an asshole like all the regular guys. I quote ” I don’t care, they don’t care, we don’t care”. 
I realized that the action of others was making this amazing young man decide to become what he’s not. 
But here’s my point, the actions of those other people isn’t really the problem, it’s him basing his choices on the actions of others.
I got to thinking about choices after that chat. And i realized that every thing that happens in the life of a person is almost always a choice! knowingly or otherwise.
-a girl suddenly starts becoming fat, it’s her choice whether she likes it or not because she chose to eat the wrong thing or eat excessively.(odd example to use sha, but I relate to it too much 😦 lol)
-a  heart gets broken, the person made the choice to put him/her self in that position.
-a man wins the lottery, he made the choice to apply for it.
-you love or hate someone, your choice!
-you get good or bad grades, your choice! 
-my friend eventually becomes an ***hole, his choice! 
Some people may find this hard to accept but tell yourself the (bitter) truth, you know somehow it boils down to choices when u think of it! 
I know there are schools of thought that believe that things just happen I.e the role of “fate” in the life of a person. I don’t particularly believe in this “fate” thing oh, I see it in a totally different light! 
Before I divert to the “fate” thing (maybe I’ll write on that sometime) let me continue with the matter at hand.
Sometimes we’re ignorant of the choices we make,or we make certain choices without meaning to(or knowing) or without considering what the outcome will be..
I’ve personally being in situations thy weren’t favorable to me, as much I’d like to blame it on “fate”, I know my choices had everything to do with it.
This choice and fate issue is quite broad though, I’ll take some time to write solely on it.
My point is this, in most of life’s situations, in whatever area, the role of choice comes into play recurrently!
 So I’m just saying:
1) don’t let other people’s choices be the base for yours. 
2) Don’t live your life believing that whatever comes your way is your “fate”. 
3)You’re either going to choose to settle for what life brings you or choose what u want out of life!
4) be conscious of the choices you make, always know u’ve got a choice!
Choose! And choose right!
By the way this is my 3rd official post! Yurrrr
#teamiownablog #iwriterandomthoughts #ihopesomeoneevenreadsthisstuff
Lol! Sorry, I’m just excited is all!
Love u that’s reading this!(if anybody is)
And please feel free to leave ur thoughts on this post. Thanks!
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Oh yes! I’m pretty excited. Two posts in a day? Lol. I hope I’m able to keep up this gusto as time goes by. Amen? Amen.
I’m sha just going to relate a personal experience, I hope someone somehow comes across this and gets the message I’m trying to pass.

  I graduated from high school in 2010, i was 15 years old. The plan at the time? Graduate, go to university, become a doctor at 22. 
     It’s 2013, I’m 18 and I’m just starting my uni education. That period of “being at home” was hard. Like watching all my “mates” going into school and all..

       I remember one time I went to my high school with my friends in 2012(I hadn’t gotten into school yet) for their graduation ceremony. An old classmate we met there asked me “what school are you in?”. In that moment, I died a little, Lol! I hid my inner hurt with a cool smile and said “I’m going to UNN”. She then said, “oh, that means u wrote jamb?”. In my head I was like “go on dear, rub it in”! Lol! I just sha somehow sidelined the question. I also tactfully avoided anyone else that could possibly ask me such questions that day.
        Also, there were times family friends will come around and would say “nne don’t worry, u will get in”. I know they meant well oh, but still…ugh! Or old friends/classmates would ask “how is school?” and I’d say ” it’s good” to avoid any explanations and pity.
   There was a time I actually felt like these people had ganged up on me to make me feel bad( I know they didn’t tho). So many people were asking me about school that period, so I came up with the perfect answer:” I dropped out”. Loool! (I’m sure my mother woulda killed me if she knew this was what I was telling people). But It worked, cos we’d laugh it off and skip the explanations. I’m sure some people actually believed me, cos I had some modeling gig at the time.
   There was a lot of talk too. People made a joke of it, some took it quite personally like it’s their own life, na wa.

     Thankfully, I’m not one to hold on to stuff like that. Although  I felt bad in those moments, it was momentary cos I pretty much have a positive mindset. In the times when I’d allow my self wallow in self-pity, I’d think that all my other friends were better than me, I mean, they were in school, progressing and moving forward in life. 

I had reasons to look down on myself 
1) I wrote jamb 3 times. 3 good times (i know there are people with worse cases but biko, it was lot)
2) I wasn’t going to any of the schools I wanted to.
3) my friends were in 200 level and moving forward.

      My point is, looking at it in that way, I had failed a little.(or not)

One day, I was talking to a very close friend of mine, I told him about how I felt concerning the whole issue, i just needed some encouragement. He told me something outstanding which I shall share with you today. And I paraphrase:
 Two men were building different structures. One layed his foundation, finished his building sharply, he built a bungalow. The other was still at his foundation when the other man had already finished. People began speculating, how this man will never actually get to finish the structure. He spent a lotta time oh his foundation, but eventually, he got to the structure and finished it. He built a skyscraper. Of course it took more time, he was building a damn skyscraper!

Lesson: it doesn’t matter how long it takes, every man has his own path, his own life and where he or she is going. Basically, don’t compare urself to others. Work hard at your own dreams. Persevere!

    Yes! After my dear friend related that story to me, I was lifted. It’s not like I didn’t know i had my own dreams and I should just keep at it oh, but I believe God gave him those words for me because never again did I let myself wallow. I went home, and I went to this scripture,
  “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. (Jeremiah 29:11 KJV)
An expected end. That’s how I know I’ll achieve all my dreams. 

   I also heard another very inspiring story. We all know the very influential Mrs Dora Akunyili? That manned NAFDAC and produced only the best results? Yes, that one. She was also a student of UNN. Pharmacy is a very tough course to study in that school mehn, and that’s what she studied. Apparently, she repeated a class up to 3 times. She had the to option to switch to another course but she knew and held on to her dreams and kept at it. She eventually graduated. Ladies and gentlemen, we all know the
Heights she has attained today. Skyscrapers! 

I believe that I’m a skyscraper in the making. In those years I learnt a lot, started  shaping myself into the kind of person I want to become, that was part of my foundation. I also got to discover and nuture something i love- modeling!
So, dear nobody/anybody that stumbles upon this, The obstacles will come, just be ready to overcome! 

P.s thank you to Ebube Agu for those words of wisdom. 

Next time,


My First Ever Post!

Hey you guys! Omg! I cannot believe I officially own a blog!!! I did it, I finally did it! *white girl fist pump* lol! I’m sorry I’m making it sound like a huge deal, but I’ve wanted to do this for such a long time! (own a blog,CHECK!)

So, I’m gonna tell you guys a little or not so little about me *grin*(with hopes that someone will actually read this *bows head in prayer*)

1)My name is Adaeze Chelsea Ume (do not crack any jokes about the ‘Chelsea’ name -_-)
2) I’m a believer (not belieber). As in a Christian, spirit-filed and all.I love Jesus, I live for him! In other words, I’m what some of you would call ‘churchy’ but I prefer ‘godly’, thank you.
3)I’m also what people call a ‘goody goody’. I do what I believe is right. I have not had any entirely ‘crazy’ moments.
4)Not to brag or anything oh, but I’m a pretty good on the eye, I think. *face palm * I promise it doesn’t get to my head.lol!I also consider myself to be smart- book and otherwise.I mean, I used to come 1st position in primary school, soooo… *shrug*
5)I love junk food! LOVE! And lately it’s started to tell on me, sadly.
6)I have 6 brothers, yes! 6! And they’re all older. Some people think I’m ‘enjoying’, which in am, no doubt. But I also long for the sister i never had.*fake teardrop*
7)I already imagined my wedding dress, wedding and all. NO harm preparing for the future now is there? 😀
8) I’m a medical student. I especially like the fact that most people see me and I think I’m in the arts. I wasn’t aware there’s a look for the science people.*shrug*
9)I model. I love modeling. It’s like turning yourself into a piece of art, saying something with your body and with whatever it is you are modeling. It’s Amazing, believe me.
10) Finally, I believe one of my great strengths is listening. I can listen for Africa. Not just listen, but listen nd hear. I would probably be a very good psychologist if I wanted.

Ok, so that’s 10 minor things about me, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. And oh I forgot, I’m a girl!( I’m sure u knew that).

This is my first ever post, forgive me if u find it not-so-interesting, I’m new to this blogging thing. And yes that is an excuse.lol.
Next time. X